Responsibility Clause

The first thing you hear when you’re my age and wind up pregnant is how irresponsible you are. Add that to the fact that I was inexplicably single, and it was easy to say that things weren’t going to get any better. Not for a moment did I ever want rid of the little beastie growing inside of me, I just found it ironic how I had decided to pick myself up the moment the world decided to weigh me down.

I had been on the straight and narrow to my demise before deciding to clean up my act, having taken myself from North Carolina down to Georgia on a whim. A few hit and miss relationships found me a little closer to home than before, and it was a good enough excuse for my mother to once again bail her (irresponsible) daughter out. I had settled back into the swing of things at home, getting used to the monotony of speaking English again just in time for me to wish for a language barrier; a trip to the walk-in clinic for irregular bleeding turned into a diagnosis for a urinary tract infection, a kidney infection, and pregnancy.

Being in a place of shock, the doctor was kind enough to give me some time to handle the bomb they’d just dropped on me. While trying to gather my many thoughts, all I could think of was how I was going to break the news to my parents. I was already a new burden, and now instead of me being singular, I was plural. There wasn’t going to be anymore me, ever, it was going to be we and us. That’s a lot for a twenty year old to discern in any amount of time that could be spent inside a doctors office, but instead of stomach it myself, I did what any typical half-adult would do, I called my mom.

I was mulling over the mundane parts of the diagnosis and the prescribed antibiotics when I casually let slip that I was pregnant. Instead of it going casually unnoticed, it quickly became the topic of a quite heated conversation. It was more than obvious my manner of explaining my current state was ill-fitted for the situation, but what was could not be undone. As the doctor’s knock played my saving grace, we parted on a good note; I was told to finish up at the doctors, go get my medicine, and come home. With not even an idea of how my life was about to change, I wrapped things up with the doctor and began the most fulfilling, challenging, and rewarding journey of my life.


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